New Player/Team Information

Eastern Massachusetts Women's Soccer League Overview


Greetings and thanks for your interest in the Eastern Massachusetts Women's Soccer League (EMWSL). The league consists of teams of all various levels from highly skilled and competitive, to women who are playing for fun and the camaraderie of a team sport. Please fill out the New Player Information Form that is also attached. Once I receive it, I will forward it to teams in the suitable divisions, who are looking to add players to their rosters. Upon receiving your New Player information, teams, if interested, will contact you. Teams register their players and fees vary by team. Registration ends during each season's first month of play (age limits below).


·         Div 1:        17 by earlier of first game played in or end of that season registration period.


·         Div 2-3:    19 by earlier of 1st game played in or end of that season registration. May have up to three aged 17 by earlier of 1st game played or end of registration


Other Important Information:


·         Games are all within I-495, most within Rt 128 (I-95 to you non-natives).

·         Games are 90 minutes; FIFA affiliated, with certified referees.

·         Spring season: Sundays 8-4, (most kickoffs are 10 am), April to June

·         Summer season: Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:15, June to August

·         Fall season: Sundays 8-3, (most kickoffs are 10 am), Sept to Nov

·         Annual Tournament: held on a weekend during October

·         Indoor/winter season: is not sponsored through EMWSL, though many teams and/or players do play at various indoor facilities.


General Overview of Divisions:


·         Division 1 Extremely competitive, very skilled players, typically former (or summer, current) college varsity still in near peak playing shape 

·         Division 2A Still competitive, some teams have college age players, various levels of competitive skill.

·         Division 2B Various levels of competitive skill. 

·         Division 3A-3C Various age groups, levels of skill, friendly competition.



As the division numbers increase, level of play and competitiveness decrease. There are older and/or neophyte players starting out as well as players with considerable skill and experience. Teams at all levels are looking for players. Assignment to a team is invitational on the team's part. Some teams may hold tryouts; some may give trial periods. Some teams hold practices, but most do not. Players new to soccer are welcome. Keepers are particularly sought. Please browse the site. You will find a plethora of information: lists of teams, field locations and some of the division records. Upon receipt of your completed New Player Information Form, I will forward your info to teams at the appropriate level, who are looking for players. Teams will contact you!!!! 


With so many players looking for teams, and only a limited number of spaces available, please let me know if you would consider starting and managing a team of your own.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am here to help! Email is best,

Dick Fischman, [email protected]  

Click here for the New Player Questionnaire Form


Looking forward to hearing from you!

EMWSL New Player Coordinator